Decades of 
SoC & Architecture
Design Experience

A dedicated team to work on the projects, with years of expertise.

We bridge the gap between high-end IPs and a successful SoC design

Access to enormous high-end IPs for next generation computing

Neural network processing, high speed interconnection, chiplet integration, etc.

Customers can leverage the extensive SoC experience of MicroIP

Architectures, task mapping, system evaluation, performance tradeoffs, etc.

Performance fine-tuning, and design customization to create market differentiation

Why Choose MicroIP ?

MicroIP provides a great combination of EDA tools and services with IC design.

We also provide high-quality SoC design service like IP design, optimization, integration and verification. This helps in speeding up the process significantly Helps the customer realize the design quicker and faster.

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DEC 60

  • Sep. 6-8, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan

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