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    An Optimized Work. A Quality Life.

    Micro-IP.com is the first and only high-tech industry integrated service platform in the world that integrates the whole high-tech industrial chain. So far, there are 176 members globally at that platform, includes listed and unlisted companies. The platform members of the spindle vertical semiconductor industry chain from Silicon IP vendors, IC design companies, Foundries, to Packaging and Testing companies; horizontal high-tech industry chain members include OEM /ODM companies, Software/APP design company to big data analysis companies.   
   The amount of Silicon IPs on that platform is 88, which can be used in the fields of AI, IoT, Block-Chain, Car Electronic, and Multi-Media. Because Micro-IP.com integrates the whole high-tech industrial chain on one platform, any customer who need some design or manufacture services can enter from one service node of the high-tech industrial chain, and then, after that customer get the needed services through Micro-IP.com, that customer can leave the high-tech industrial chain from the other one service node.