2023/04/28 @NYCU This Efinix Workshop, in cooperation with Professor Lai Bo-Cheng of the Department of Electronics Engineering of National Chiao-Tung […]
2023/04/21 @NYCU FPGA is one of the skills that must be learned to become an IC Designer or any circuit […]
2023/2/13 Congratulations! Microip Inc. won the “Annual Innovation Design Award” of the 17th Golden Torch Award, which is a highly […]
Mar 30- Apr 1 Kaohsiung Smart City Summit&Expo – InnoVEX Smart South Innovation Exhibition Area Highlights: [AI image detection/characterization] & […]
Dec 26-27, 2022 Xiamen ICCAD CSIA-ICCAD 2022 Annual Conference & Xiamen IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit are grandly launched […]
Oct 26-28, 2022 Microip participated in the 2022 Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology show and AIoT Taiwan this year to […]
Sep 13-16, 2022 SEMICON Taiwan 2022 has successfully rounded off on September 16, 2022. At the Semicon this year, Microip […]
MicroIP recently awarded the World’s 10 Revolutionary Semiconductor Companies Award by IndustryWired ? “We believe Al will be the essential kernel in […]
Microip was awarded the 3rd best in design among the 500+ companies that participated “2021 Shanghai Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition”. […]