What's ESL?

Our ESL technology, so-called software-hardware partitioning, automatically synthesizes target electronic system into an optimum architecture. The said architecture is represented as a Virtual Platform to realize the software-hardware co-design. Fundamental requirements of the Virtual Platform are:

  1. Truthfully mimic target system’s address mapping and IP functionalities. Utilizing the Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) of each and every processor in the architecture, the virtual platform can support in-target execution of firmware and software.
  2. The simulation speed is at worst 1,000 times slower than the actual hardware, i.e. 1 sec hardware clock can be simulated within 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Thus, one can quickly verify the target software and hardware performance, power consumption and BOM list.

Micro-IP’s advanced Electronic System Level technology (ESL) can bring you:

  1. Fast and automated synthesis tool to generate the optimum system architecture
  2. Verify the performance, power consumption and BOM list of the system design at the earliest stage of system development
  3. A virtual platform as the golden model to verify the hardware implemented
  4. A virtual platform for in-target software development
  5. A fast system bring-up when the system prototype is available
  6. Unified verification test bench from early design stage all the way to prototype and production, ensuring the design accuracy and quality

Micro-IP’s advanced ESL design methodology allows the design team to come up with the optimum product in a 25% shorter time.

Traditional Design Flow

ESL Design Flow and Strength