Emerging of Edge AI

Edge AI is a diverse market with very specific demands which require high performance, efficiency, adaptability and vertical integration. Microip provides system design service of edge AI devices to help customers overcome any problem you may encounter.


FPGA-based for flexibility, ASIC-based for performance


cross-layer design flow, SW/HW co-optimization, world-class DL accelerator IPs


design and optimized for customer’s needs

End-to-end service

from model refinement, design/optimization, prototyping, to production

End-to-End Design of Edge AI Devices

  • End to end design flow
    DNN→MAC Optimizer→System Level→Profiling System→Prototyping
  • Co-work with customers on model refinement
  • High level evaluation to return quick feedback
  • In-depth optimization for best performance per cost
  • Efficiently bridge SW and HW
  • Fast and high quality hardware design and customization to attain high performance

Why Should You Need an AI-system Compiler?

Conventional way of deploying an application to SoC is complex and time consuming

You need a large team and to customize the AI system design for your application

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