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ITU-R BT.656 video decoder By Quotes None 300 MHz None  
DEC_BT656 is a digital video decoder with integrated colour-space converter.  It's function is to extract the valid pixels from a BT.656 video stream and convert them to 24-bit RGB for subsequent processing. Pixels   are   extracted   from   the   BT.656   input   stream   and   converted   to RGB888 format.    Application  BT.656 input video capture and processing PAL & NTSC SDTV interlaced format conversion Introduction
ITU-R BT.656 video encoder By Quotes None 200 MHz None  
ITU-R_BT is a digital video encoder with integrated colour-space converter.   The encoder accepts 24-bit RGB pixels from sequential odd and even fields.   These pixels are then mapped to the YCbCr colour-space and formatted correctly into a BT output stream. The output of the encoder generates an industry standard ITU-R BT.656 format video stream together with a video_val signal that is asserted with the first valid byte of the output stream.   Applications BT.656 output video generation PAL & NTSC SDTV video format conversion   Introduction
Video Frame Buffer By Quotes None 300 MHz None  
VID_FB is a high-speed multi-format video frame buffer that asynchronously samples an input video stream and buffers it in an   external   memory. Output   pixels   are   read   out   of   the   buffer   and synchronised to the system clock domain.  The VID_FB will automatically adapt to different input and output frame rates. If the input frame rate is too high, then the VID_FB will cleanly drop or 'skip' an input frame.  Likewise, if the output frame rate is higher than the input frame rate, then frames will be repeated 3 .   The result is a system that seamlessly adapts to the different frame rates at the input and output of the VID_FB.   Applications Buffering video frames in external memory Real-time digital video applications Genlocking of multiple video sources   Introduction
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