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CAN 2.0 & CAN FD Bus Controller Core By Quotes 12.000 K Gates None None  
The CAN protocol uses a multi-master bus configuration for the transfer of frames be- tween nodes of the network and manages error handling with no burden on the host processor. The core enables the user to set up economic and reliable links between vari- ous components. It appears as a memory-mapped I/O device to the host processor, which accesses the CAN core to control the transmission or reception of frames. The CAN core is easy to use and integrate, featuring programmable interrupts, data and baud rates; a configurable number of independently programmable acceptance filters; and a generic processor interface or optionally an AMBA APB, or AHB-Lite interface. It imple- ments a flexible buffering scheme, allowing fine-tuning of the core size to satisfy the requirements of each specific application   Introduction
Cold Wallet Total solution By Quotes None 200 MHz None  
This Cold Wallet Total solution can decrease timing for developing. Single chip solution. Include software solution for Bitcoin transaction. Secure Element  32 bit MCU Crypto Engine Hardware DSE USB2.0 device CRC calculation unit   Application :  Cold Wallet    Introduction
μIP Price Logic Gate Count Clock Rate Technology   Ratings