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UART Serial Interface Controller By Quotes None 300 MHz None  
UART compatible Serial Interface Controller with receive and transmit FIFOs and support for all standard bit rates from 9600 to 921600 baud.    Applications UART Communications RS232, RS422, RS485 etc. Micro-controller interfacing Introduction
One Wire Communication 1200 Points 1.500 K Gates 100 MHz 130 nm  
In some particular application, few pin count but still need chip to chip communication. This IP use one wire bi-direction (open drain) to communication. Just like UART , it is consist of one TX and one RX. User can define their own payload freedomly.   All devices are connecting through open-drain pull high bus. Every device can send data to others actively. Waveform                                 Application       - Analog IC debug      - MCU program port      - Low pin count IC Introduction
μIP Price Logic Gate Count Clock Rate Technology   Ratings