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Triple 10-bit 330 MSPS Video DAC IP in TSMC 90 nm By Quotes 330.000 μm^2 330 MHz 90 nm  
MIC_DAC10X3 is a 10-bit Triple DAC designed in TSMC 90 nm logic process. It consists of a current steering DAC. The DAC uses a fully differential architecture. The input data of the DAC is in 1.2 V, in unsigned format. Introduction
12-Bit 320MSPS IQ DAC in IBM SOI 180nm By Quotes 254.000 K μm^2 320 MHz 180 nm  
MIC_DAC12X2 is compact and low power 12-bit digital-to-analog converter silicon IP in IBM 180nm SOI process. It features two channel current steering DAC. Introduction
14-Bit 1MSPS DAC in GSMC110nm By Quotes 75.000 K μm^2 1 MHz 110 nm  
MIC_DAC14 is compact and low power 14-bit digital-to-analog converter silicon IP. It features wide range input supply voltage from 1.7V to 5.6V. Its single-end output ranges from 0.1 to 0.9 of supply voltage. Introduction
12-Bit 320MPS IQ DAC in TSMC40LP 70000 Points 250.000 K μm^2 320 MHz 180 nm  
UIP_DAC12X2_320M_922687  is  compact  and low  power  12-bit  digital-to-analog  converter silicon  IP  in  IBM  180nm  SOI  process.  It features two channel current steering DAC.  This  IQ  DAC  IP  is  optimized  for  low  power and  small  area.  At  320  MHz  conversation rate,  it  only  consumes  63mW  and  occupies silicon area of 0.25 mm2.   APPLICATIONS​ WiFi / LTE / WiMax​ Wireless MIMO Digital Video Communication Transmit   Introduction
14 Bit Rail to Rail DAC 60000 Points 75.000 K μm^2 1 MHz 110 nm  
UIP_DAC14_1M_392231  is  compact  and  low power 14-bit digital-to-analog converter silicon IP. It features wide range input supply voltage from  1.7V  to  5.6V.  Its  single-end  output ranges from 0.1 to 0.9 of supply voltage.     This DAC IP is self-biased and optimized for low  power  and  small  area.   At 1 MHz conversation rate, it only consumes 680uA to drive  15K/50pF  loading  and  occupies  silicon area of 0.075 mm2.   APPLICATIONS General purpose digital to analog converter Battery monitory system Housekeeping Auxiliary functionality Introduction
10-bit 300 MSPS Video DAC IP in 90 nm 60000 Points 76.000 K μm^2 300 MHz 90 nm  
The  UIP_DAC10-300M_205370  is  a  10-bit  DAC designed  in  low  power  TSMC  90  nm  logic process. It consists of a current steering DAC. The DAC uses a fully differential architecture. The  input  data  of  the  DAC  is  in  1.2V,  in unsigned format.   A 3.3V  supply  is used for  the analog  portion of  the  IP.  This  high  performance  DAC  is designed  for  CVBS  standard  or  RGB  Video signal  bandwidth.  The  IP  consumes  only  41 mA  at  300  MSPS  operation  and  utilizes  a silicon area of only 0.076 mm2. The IP does not  require  any  external  decoupling  and  is ideal for integration in mixed-signal systems.   The  DAC  output  current  is  6-bit programmable.  The  IP  architecture  is  robust and can be ported to other 90 nm processes.   APPLICATIONS Composite Video (CVBS) HDTV RGB Video ​ DAC Output Model Introduction
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