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  • uIP: JPEG Encoder
  • uIP ID: 793612994
  • μIP Type: Digital μIP
  • HDL: Verilog
  • Warranty: YES
  • Simulation Tool: Cadence NC-Verilog
  • Tool Version:
  • Design Format: RTL
  • Merge In Foundry: NO
    Designer Information
  • Member ID:2091009000200636
  • Designer Rating:
  • Feedback received:0

1. Introduction:

This IP core has been developed to be a complete standards compliant JPEG / MJPEG Hardware Compressor / Encoder.

The data interfaces in the JPEG Encoder IP Core (JPEGE) use the AXI industry standard. The Master I/O data interfaces use an AXI3 bus, forward compatible with AXI4 interconnects.

In order to let you assess the properties of the on-the-fly selectable quality setting, please use the slider below the image in order to see the final compressed image and compression ratio.

The JPEG Encoder IP Core has a real throughput of two compressed pixels every three clock cycles at any compression ratio for a chroma subsampling of 4:2:0. To calculate the throughput for your platform.

2. License Price:

By Quotes

Multiple License : NO

3. Clock Rate:

250 MHz

4. Logic Gate Count:


5. Technology:

130 nm

6. Version: