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  • uIP: H.264 Encoder IP Core
  • uIP ID: 518531321
  • μIP Type: Digital μIP
  • HDL: Verilog
  • Warranty: YES
  • Simulation Tool: Cadence NC-Verilog
  • Tool Version:
  • Design Format: RTL
  • Merge In Foundry: NO
    Designer Information
  • Member ID:2091009000200636
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1. Introduction:

This H.264 Encoder IP core has been developed to be the highest throughput standards compliant hardware H.264 video compressor. 
The IP offers two encoder variants to meet the different targets of features.  

The IP include 2 mode.

  • H264E-I: H.264 encoder compliant with CAVLC 4:4:4 Intra Profile (all frames are keyframes)​

        The IP core is smaller but yields less compression. It does not require external memory.

  • H264E-P: H.264 encoder compliant with High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile: 

 The IP core is larger but offers a significantly better compression.
Both share the same outstanding processing speed of more than 5.2 pixels encoded per cycle.

The data interfaces in the H.264 Encoder IP Core use the AXI industry standard. 
The Master I/O data interfaces use an AXI3 bus, forward compatible with AXI4 interconnects.

2. License Price:

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Multiple License : NO

3. Clock Rate:

150 MHz

4. Logic Gate Count:


5. Technology:


6. Version: