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  • uIP: N-channel multiplexed FIR filter
  • uIP ID: 300124064
  • μIP Type: Digital μIP
  • HDL: Verilog
  • Warranty: YES
  • Simulation Tool: Synopsys VCS
  • Tool Version:
  • Design Format: RTL
  • Merge In Foundry: NO
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  • Member ID:8920988000100487
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1. Introduction:

The IP is an N-channel multiplexed FIR filter designed for high sample rate  applications  where  hardware  resources  are  limited. The main filter core is organized as a scalable systolic array permitting the user to specify large order filters without compromising maximum attainable clock-speed.


Essentially the filter functions as if it were 'N' separate FIR filters.  Each input sample is multiplexed into the filter at a sample rate equal to Fs /N, 
where Fs is the sampling frequency of the main filter core.   Likewise, output samples are updated at a frequency of  Fs /N.


The first sample into the filter is aligned by asserting the signal X_VALID high. The signal  Y_VALID_val  is asserted with the first valid output sample. Data samples are advanced in the pipeline on the rising clock-edge of clk when en is active high.  When en is low then all data samples are stalled.  The clock-enable signal may be used to temporarily disable the filter - or possibly to modify the effective sampling frequency of the system clock.  If the clock-enable is not needed it is recommended that this signal be tied high as it will improve overall circuit performance.



  • Dual-channel inputs such as complex valued I/Q in digital communications systems
  • High-speed filtering applications where hardware resources are limited
  • General purpose FIR filters with odd or even numbers of taps

2. License Price:

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Multiple License : NO

3. Clock Rate:

500 MHz

4. Logic Gate Count:


5. Technology:


6. Version: