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  • uIP: Multi-format Video Deinterlacer
  • uIP ID: 80036812
  • μIP Type: Digital μIP
  • HDL: Verilog
  • Warranty: YES
  • Simulation Tool: Model-sim
  • Tool Version:
  • Design Format: RTL
  • Merge In Foundry: NO
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  • Member ID:2001496000900412
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1. Introduction:

The IP Core is a high quality 24-bit RGB video deinterlacer capable of generating progressive output video at up to 4096x4096 pixels in resolution. The design is fully customizable, supporting any desired interlaced video format.

The deinterlacer allows for three possible filter algorithms - either BOB, ELA  or  LCI. All three methods are 'intra-field' methods that perform spatial filtering within the same field.  For this reason, the output video is not subject to combing or tearing which is characteristic of a traditional 'weave' approach.

Each algorithm has it relative merits in terms of image quality and hardware complexity. In particular, the enhanced LCI algorithm provides excellent all-round performance with reduced image softening and crisp clean edges. 



  • Conversion of 'legacy' SDTV formats to HDTV video formats
  • Generating progressive RGB video via inexpensive PAL/NTSC decoder chips
  • High-quality video de-interlacing without the overhead of a frame buffer
  • Digital TV set-top boxes and home media solutions

2. License Price:

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Multiple License : NO

3. Clock Rate:

200 MHz

4. Logic Gate Count:


5. Technology:


6. Version: