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MZM modulator driver for 25Gbaud/s PAM4 signal 16445 Points 2017/09/25 2018/01/31
This driver can be used to drive off-chip MZM modulator and achieve clear PAM4 eye-diagrame signal.     Introduction
Amplitude Shift Keying Receiver and Transmitter 30000 Points 2015/07/10 2016/08/20
The IP is a general purpose,ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) Receiver that operates at 300-450MHz with typical senditivity of -98dBm.The IP functions as a super-heterodyne receiver for OOK and ASK modulation up to 10kbps.The down-coversion mixer also provides image rejection.All post-detection data filtering is provided on the IP.Any one-of-four filter bandwidths may be selected externally by the user in binary steps,from 1.25KHz to 10KHz. The user need only configure the device with a set of easily determined values,based upon data rate,code modulation format, and desired duty-cycle operation.   -98 dBm sensitivity,1kbps and BER 10E-02 Frequency from 300MHz to 450MHz Image Rejection Mixer Data-rate up to 10kbps Process from 0.35um to 0.13um Need Receiver and Transmitter module Introduction
Digital ALS and PROXIMITY 70000 Points 2016/01/20 2016/09/20
Ambient Light Sensing, Proximity Detection,   and IR LED in a Single Optical IP        Ambient Light Sensing (ALS)        (1) Approximates Human Eye Response          (2) Programmable Analog Gain          (3) Programmable Integration Time          (4) Programmable Interrupt Function with Upper and Lower Threshold          (5) Up to 16 Bits Resolution          (6) Up to 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Range  Proximity Detection        (1) Calibrated to 100-mm Detection          (2) Eliminates Factory Calibration of Prox          (3) Programmable Number of IR Pulses          (4) Programmable Current Sink for the IR          (5) Programmable Interrupt Function with Upper and Lower Threshold I2C Interface Compatible (Configure internal register) Whole Chip integrated and including IO PAD.   Introduction
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