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MPW in 0.5µm 5V Mixed-Signal Process By Quotes 2016/09/03 2017/03/01
Chip Function Description: This chip is a RF Receiver with the RF Bandwidth between 315 MHz and 433 MHz. Tapeout Description: 1. Technology: 0.5µm 5V Mixed-Signal Process 2. Manufacture Flow: MPW 3. Wafer Size: 6 inches or 8 inches 4. Wafer Piece Amount:     (1) Shuttle: 12 Wafer Pieces     (2) Full Mask: 25 Wafer Pieces 5. Foundry should deliver the following items to the Wanter for the preparation to Tapeout.     (1) SPICE Model     (2) ESD Rule Packaging Description: 1. Packaging Type: SOP8  Introduction
8b/10b Encoder/Decoder 800 Points 2015/03/31 2015/11/01
● Supports the standard IBMR 8b/10b line code for a        DC-balanced serial data stream   ● Supports all standard control symbols - K.28.0 to K.30.7   ● Fully synchronous design with data input and output valid flags   ● Separate encoder and decoder pair   ● Error flags indicate control symbol errors and general decoding errors   ● Generic parallel input and output data widths   ● Synthesis constraint for Design code   ● Running disparity calculations handled internally Introduction
8051 IP Core 1000 Points 2014/10/28 2015/05/01
(1) 100% software compatible with industry standard 8051 (2)  Advanced architecture enables to execute instructions on average 4~1 times       faster compared to original 8051 (3)  Fully synthesizable synchronous design with positive edge clocking and       no internal tri-state (4) Two 16-bit timer/counters for interrupt (5) Two external interrupts (6) Simulation & synthesis scripts (7) Self checking testbench Introduction
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