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S20200213006 ASIC mining machine By Quotes 1. The ASIC design adopts a general design idea. The logic execution unit is similar to the FPGA structure and is programmable.
2. The core of ASIC is to support HBM2 controller, which can provide 520GB memory access bandwidth, which is suitable for memory access type algorithms.
3. The ASIC tape-out process uses TSMC's 28-nanometer HPC process, and the packaging test uses a 2.5D process to seal Samsung HBM2 particles.
4. Supports memory bandwidth type currencies: Ethereum, Grin, AE, and Equihash algorithms.
5. Can be applied to data centers: Supports data center memory bandwidth type applications, such as: passwords, gene sequencing, supercomputing, machine learning, stream computing, AI, etc.
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S20200213005 CPU mining machine By Quotes 1. AMD AM4 platform B350 chipset specifications, support Ryzen series CPU, such as: 2600, 3600.
2. Two Gigabit electrical ports RJ45, two USB ports, and one HDMI interface are configured on the motherboard side.
3. The other side of the motherboard is equipped with 8PIN graphics power supply interface and SATA interface.
4. The motherboard is equipped with 2 DDR4 UDIMMs, which are suitable for dual-channel CPU DDR controller.
5. The motherboard is equipped with M2 interface, which is convenient for users to choose SSD.
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S20200213004 FPGA mining machine By Quotes 1. The FPGA mining machine adopts an independently designed independent FPGA mining card. Through a standard 100M Ethernet connection, each mining machine (Host) can connect multiple FPGA mining cards.
2. Each FPGA mining card is equipped with 4 Intel Arria 10 GX660 or Xilinx K7420T industrial FPGAs, and the power consumption of a single card is less than 120 watts.
3. The mining machine is installed with a 64-bit operating system of Windows 7 or higher, an FPGA mining card, supporting drivers and mining software are installed, and the mining pool is connected for mining.
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S20200213003 ASIC mining card By Quotes 1. Programmable multi-core arithmetic unit
2. The ASIC mining card is updated through the firmware program, and other currencies can be mined.
3. Mining currency: Ethereum / Grin / AE / ETC, etc.
4. HBM2 controller: 2 groups
5. 4GHBM2 (512M * 8 bit), frequency bandwidth 2048 bits
6. Process: TSMC 28nm
7. Computing power: 62Mh
8. Power consumption: 20W
9. Hardware / software overclocking: Yes
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S20200213002 FPGA mining card By Quotes 1. Monolithic FPGA: IntelAltera Arria10 10AX066K4F40I3SG industrial grade device
2. Working temperature: -45 ° C to 110 ° C
3. Main control: Junzheng X1000 (MIPS)
4. Memory: DDR332MB
5. Flash storage: EMMC 4GB
6. Interface: UART, USB, 100Base Ethernet 100Base electrical port
7. Power supply: 8PIN 12V, compatible with graphics card power supply interface
8. Power configuration: ROHM dual phase, maximum current 140A
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S20200213001 Cold wallet storage products By Quotes 1. Storing keys in a secure hard device is the trend in designing bitcoin wallets.
2. Cold wallets only work if a signature is required during the transaction.
3. The wallet is offline, it will not be connected to the Internet device, and it will not be attacked.
4. When the hot wallet sends data to the cold wallet, the chip can prevent viruses and hackers from attacking.
5. Scan hot wallets via USB to prevent viruses and hackers.
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