One-Stop IC Design Services : From Concept to Mass Production

This white paper presents an overview of our comprehensive IC design services, detailing the full spectrum of our capabilities from architecture design exploration to front-end and back-end design, culminating in tape-out. Our one-stop service is tailored to facilitate a seamless transition from algorithmic development on FPGA to multi-project wafer (MPW) prototyping and finally to mass production. This document outlines our methodology, expertise, and the value we bring to our customers in the IC design ecosystem.


Integrated Circuit (IC) design is a complex and multifaceted process that requires a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and rigorous attention to detail. As an IC design service company, we pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions that streamline the design process for our clients. Our goal is to provide a seamless and efficient pathway from initial concept to finished product, enabling our customers to focus on innovation while we handle the intricacies of IC design and production.

Service Overview

1. Architecture Design Exploration

The journey of IC design begins with a robust architecture design. This phase involves several key components:

Requirement Analysis:

We start by understanding the specific needs and objectives of the customer. This involves detailed discussions and feasibility studies to evaluate various architectural options, ensuring that the most suitable design is selected.

Feasibility Studies:

Evaluating various architectural options to determine the most suitable design.

Algorithm Porting to FPGA:

Translating customer algorithms into FPGA to validate functionality and performance.

Virtual Platform Technology:

To enhance the architecture design exploration stage, we utilize cutting-edge virtual platform technology. This technology serves multiple purposes:

Early Development and Verification:

Hardware and System Architects:

By simulating the SoC architecture, we provide a virtual environment for early development and verification, allowing architects to explore different design configurations and optimize performance, power, and area (PPA) metrics.

SoC Designers:

The virtual platform aids in comprehensive SoC architecture exploration, enabling designers to refine their designs before physical implementation.

Software Validation

Application Software Developers:

Our virtual platforms allow developers to begin software validation early in the design cycle. This early access helps in identifying and rectifying potential issues, ensuring the software is robust and compatible with the hardware.

Driver Development and Hardware-Software Interaction-

Hardware Architects and SoC Designers:

The virtual platform facilitates the development and testing of hardware drivers. It also helps in examining hardware-software interactions, ensuring seamless integration and functionality of the final product.

By leveraging virtual platform technology, we ensure a more efficient and thorough design exploration process, significantly reducing time-to-market and improving the overall quality of the IC design.
Our team works closely with clients to ensure that their vision is accurately captured and that the architectural design is optimized for performance, power, and area (PPA).

2. Front-End Design

Once the architecture is defined, the next step is the front-end design, which includes:
RTL Design and Verification: Developing the Register Transfer Level (RTL) code and verifying its correctness through simulation.
Synthesis:  Converting the RTL design into a gate-level netlist.
Formal Verification:  Ensuring the design meets the specified requirements and behaves as intended.
We employ state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to ensure that our front-end design process is both efficient and robust, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring high-quality output.

3. Back-End Design

The back-end design process involves the physical implementation of the design, encompassing:
Floorplanning and Placement:  Defining the layout of the IC and placing the components.
Clock Tree Synthesis (CTS):  Ensuring proper timing distribution across the IC.
Routing:  Connecting all the components according to the design specifications.
Physical Verification:  Checking for design rule violations and ensuring manufacturability.
Our back-end design team is adept at handling the complexities of modern IC designs, ensuring that the physical implementation is both precise and efficient.

4. Tape-Out and Fabrication

The final step in the IC design process is tape-out, where the design is finalized and sent for fabrication. This phase includes:
Sign-Off Checks:  Performing final checks to ensure the design is ready for production.
Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Prototyping:  Utilizing MPW runs to create prototypes for testing and validation.
Mass Production:  Transitioning from prototype to full-scale production.
We work with leading foundries to ensure that the transition from design to fabrication is smooth, leveraging their advanced manufacturing capabilities to deliver high-quality ICs.

Value Proposition

Expertise and Experience

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of IC design. We bring deep technical knowledge and a proven track record of successful projects across various domains.

Comprehensive Service

By offering a one-stop service, we eliminate the need for customers to engage multiple vendors, thereby reducing complexity and ensuring continuity throughout the design process.

Quality and Reliability

We adhere to stringent quality standards and employ rigorous verification methodologies to ensure that our designs meet the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customer-centric approach ensures that we remain aligned with our clients’ objectives, providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and timelines.
Our one-stop IC design services provide a comprehensive solution for customers looking to bring their IC concepts to life. From initial architecture design to mass production, we offer a streamlined and efficient pathway that ensures high-quality results. Partnering with us means leveraging our expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of IC design, enabling our customers to focus on innovation and market success.
For more information about our services and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at [email protected]
This white paper aims to provide a clear and detailed overview of our IC design services, highlighting the breadth and depth of our capabilities and the value we offer to our customers. If there are specific details or additional sections you would like to include, please let me know!