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About Micro-IP Inc.

Micro-IP aims to establish a one-stop service platform ( for the intelligent electronic system anchored on the semiconductor and electronic system supply chain, providing diversified services from our members to customers around the world. Platform members include IP design, IC Manufacturing, packaging and testing , OEM/ODM , software and APP design companies. With our proprietary and unique AI and ESL (Electronic System Level) design flow, MicroIP Inc. has built up an agile semiconductor and electronic system open supply chain platform with its 180+ partners to optimally customize the system according to your needs. With your specification and needs, MicroIP Inc. will find, negotiate and integrate your solution from our platform partners; you will be able to dramatically reduce product development time and searching cost with optimal solution.


We have many PDKs of various semiconductor manufactorin factories and provide you multi-project wafer service.


Global wafer foundry access

IP Design

Enter the online IP store to browse and purchase specific IP or request to MicroIP to design/source your specific IP

IC Design

Fast system architecture exploration, design and verification from spec to realization, including IC Design, APR, TO, FPGA verification and whole system bring-up

System Design

Fast system architecture exploration, definition, design and realization according to your needs, including software and hardware integration service

Layout Service

We provide layout, APR services in different technology nodes from all major foundries.

Test and assembly Service

Various IC packaging and testing technology services, including: SiP, SiM… etc.

Customized Service

Don't know how to implement ideas ? Can't find the service you want? If you don't know what services are needed to solve your product development bottleneck, let us know and we will make a customized solution for you.

ESL Fast Virtual Prototype System Design

1. Optimize and accelerate system development

2. SW/HW Partitioning + AI Architecture Design

3. System Virtual Platform

4. Power Analysis Framework

5. High-level Synthesis

6. ESL Co-Emulation

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Optimized System Realization Platform with Scalability

Ecosystem for virtual system components support


FPGA Design

ASIC Design

Chip Manufacturing


System Design

System Assembly

Mining Machine

Cold Wallet

OTC Exchange


Internet of vehicle data platform, applications

Alternative energy system

ADAS system, devices

AI based AOI

Experienced team for a better structure of your AOI system


Future Smart Systems

Enabling the vision of smart everything by our unique and proprietary technologies and ecosystem

Unique Feature

At Micro-IP Mart, you can browse all kinds of digital/analog IP developed by the worldwide superior IP developers online. You can purchase all kinds of Ips suitable for your application.

Application field include wearable devices, IoT applications, cloud computing, communications applications, and more.

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Outsourcing Demand

Don't know how to implement ideas ? Can't find the service you want? If you don't know what services are needed to solve your product development bottleneck, click here and fill the demand applying form online, we will make a customized solution for you.

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