About MICROIP Inc.

Microip is a renowned provider of IP selling and IC design services, backed by over two decades of industry experience. Our unwavering commitment to innovation has propelled us to develop two cutting-edge EDA tools that have revolutionized the IC design landscape.

At the forefront of our offerings is the Architecture Compiler, our flagship EDA tool. This powerful solution streamlines SoC Architecture Design by optimizing software and hardware co-design, seamlessly integrating components, and boosting overall performance. With the Architecture Compiler, we empower clients to build efficient and robust IC designs that lay a solid foundation for success.

Recognizing the significance of AI-driven SoC design, we have developed iPROfiler, an advanced AI SoC Performance Analysis Tool. iPROfiler serves as a catalyst for collaboration and comprehensive analysis among the SoC design team, AI model team, and software team. By harnessing its capabilities, clients unlock the full potential of their AI SoC designs, achieving remarkable performance and functionality. It also acts as a crucial sign-off tool, ensuring smooth coordination between the front-end and back-end design teams.

At Microip, customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to build strong partnerships, deeply understanding their objectives and challenges. Our seasoned IC design professionals combine technical expertise with the latest industry insights to deliver solutions that consistently surpass expectations. With exceptional customer service as our cornerstone, we provide unwavering support throughout the design journey.

With our extensive experience and the power of our EDA tools, Microip stands ready to tackle the most demanding IC design projects. Join us as we shape the future of IC design, empowering businesses with transformative solutions. Contact us today to embark on a collaborative journey towards achieving your IC design goals.


James Yang (GM)


  • Hardware Dept. Manager, Lionic Corp.
  • Research Fellow, Dept. ECE, NYU
education background
  • NYU / PhD

Gavin Liu (VP)

R & D Engineering

  • Hardware Tech. Manager, Lionic Corp.
  • Hardware Assistant Manager, Cion Tech.
  • Senior Engineer, Faraday Tech.
education background

Bo-Cheng Lai (CTO)

R & D Architecture

  • Professor, Dept. EE, NYCU
  • Staff Scientist, Broadcom, US
  • Research Engineer, Xilinx, US
education background
  • UCLA / PhD

Roger Wang (VP)

Sales and Marketing

  • Senior Sales Director, ARM Ltd.
  • Senior Manager, Microsoft
  • Regional Sales Manager, Broadcom
  • APAC Product Marketing Manager, Intel
education background
  • Bowie State U. / MS MIS

Hector Cheng (CIO)

Global Investment Center

  • CEO, The Lavender Garden LTD Co.
  • Manager, Taipei Fubon Bank & Fubon Life
  • MIS programmer, MiTAC INCORPORATED
education background

Jacky Wei (CFO)


  • Finance Manager, Liteon Co., Ltd & Chicony Co., Ltd.
  • SE of CEO, TCI Group Co., Ltd
  • CFO, Hanns Touch Co., Ltd.
  • CFO, C-Tech Co., Ltd.
education background
  • MACC, Marshall School of Business, USC