2023/2/13 Congratulations! Microip Inc. won the “Annual Innovation Design Award” of the 17th Golden Torch Award, which is a highly indicative outstanding enterprise award in Taiwan.”Completing the last mile of IC design”, Microip’s exclusive EDA tool, dedicated to improving the efficiency and performance of IC design, […]
MICROIP is recently awarded the World’s 10 Revolutionary Semiconductor Companies Award by IndustryWired  “We believe Al will be the essential kernel in most of the next-generation data processing systems, and MICROlP will certainly be the key player in this exciting, challenging, and also significantly rewarding future.” ─by […]
Microip was awarded the 3rd best in design among the 500+ companies that participated “2021 Shanghai Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition”. Microip is the only Taiwanese company to have ranked such a high position. Roger Wang, VP of Sales and Marketing said: “Microip SOC Performance Analyzer, MPA […]