Press Release

2024/1/19 Introduction: Who is MICROIP? Microip has over 20 years of experience in IC design services, specializing in end-to-end customized standard IC design services, covering the entire process from architecture to tape-out. What can we do for you? Professional IC design: With our proficiency in front-end […]
2023.12 (Special thanks to Business Today for taking the time to conduct the interview) Differentiating itself from most Taiwanese design service companies that assist clients in wafer fabrication, Microip focuses on the front-end design services, specifically circuit design and architecture verification. Moreover, it has developed a […]
2023.11.02 Microip was invited to co-host a lecture at the Arm Tech Symposia 2023 in Hsinchu with ARM experts on 11/2 (Thu.), detailing how Arm’s Flexible Access empowers Microip Technology to achieve greater outcomes. Throughout the conference, discussions not only touched upon the convenience brought to […]