Design Service for Edge AI on FPGA

FPGA is a well-suited platform

for next generation edge AI devices

Configurable and customized logic
Fast proof-of-concept
Cost efficient
Adaptive to demand
Option to port to ASIC for high volume product

MicroIP Services:
ARM/FPGA as Reconfigurable
AI Accelerator

ARM/FPGA as Reconfigurable AI Accelerator

► An example of AI processing for image/audio applications

► Use FPGA as an AI accelerator

     ▷ Cost-efficient for low/mid volume production

     ▷ Performance/low-power advantages over CPU

► ARM facilitates user interface and software stacks

► Leverage existing IPs for image/audio processing

► MicroIP can help system design, customization, optimization, integration (SOM/SIP/ASIC)

Supported FPGA

Solutions for AI SoC Designs

MicroIP aims to provide high quality AI SoC design services, including IP design, optimization, integration, and verification. User can leverage the extensive AI SoC experience of MicroIP.

Superior Features

User experience

Time to market

Quality of analysis

Service cost

System Interconnect

MicroIP Services:
AI-SoC / Architecture Design Consulting

► ML application market is really diverse, and requires customization

     ▷ Application models, system specifications, performance requirements, software stacks,
     target platforms, etc.

► As expert of SoC design and AI, MicroIP provides end-to-end design, exploration,
   and optimization

     ▷ Early evaluation of full system performance/cost

     ▷ Prototyping of customized AI accelerator

     ▷ Accelerate a trained NN on AI accelerator

         – With support of audio/video processing units

     ▷ Integrate using multi-chip SIPs or SoC with FPGA

► MicroIP provides architecture consulting

     ▷ Over 20+ years of architecture/SoC design experience

     ▷ Architectures, task mapping/scheduling, system evaluation, performance tradeoffs, etc.

     ▷ Help fine-tuning, and design customization to create market differentiation

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