iPROfiler™ is a tool that allows engineers to measure the performance of AI SoCs for various AI applications at SoC front-end design stage.

Microip provides a homogeneous flow to cooperate seamless process between SoC design and software development.

Partners are able to evaluate application performance earlier, from the architecture stage to the RTL level which help lower project risks and less resource by quick Time-to-Market and saving cost.

Additionally, iPROfiler™ supports a detailed breakdown of the SoC’s performance on individual system components, such as CPU, GPU, NPU, Memory, System Interconnect, and other Intellectual Property (IP) components.

Features of iPROfiler TM

Architecture Verification
  • Architecture Design Explorationprotocols and memory hierarchy
  • IP Performance Measurement
Performance Analysis
  • Port-to-Port Transaction Analysis
  • Cross-Protocol Analysis
  • Memory Access Analysis
Verification and Debug
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Data Access Report

Benefits of iPROfiler TM

Easy Integration

Real-Time Performance Data

Improved Performance

Reduced Costs

Facilitate collaboration between SoC design team & AI team

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