Microip was awarded the 3rd best in design among the 500+ companies that participated “2021 Shanghai Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition”.

Microip is the only Taiwanese company to have ranked such a high position. Roger Wang, VP of Sales and Marketing said: “Microip SOC Performance Analyzer, MPA can assist SoC Developers in the early RTL stage of IC Design to find design blind spot that affect SoC Performance, this greatly reduces the development time and cost. The technology benefits the most of using the advanced manufacturing processes, complex SoC Designs and performance-oriented design like AI, 5G and Automotive Electronics etc.”

MPA can help in improving the performance of tracking different system interconnect protocols and proper recording of the transactions. It helps in identify the blind spots much quicker and easier. MPA can also conduct comprehensive memory testing and tracking across memory levels. For DEMO, please feel free to contact Microip.