Mar 30- Apr 1

Kaohsiung Smart City Summit&Expo – InnoVEX Smart South Innovation Exhibition Area

Highlights: [AI image detection/characterization] & [iProfiler performance analysis tool]

AI is becoming the core of all kinds of products. Microip provides FPGA-based AI SoC IC design services. This can be applied in object detection and recognition application, etc….

Changeable AI models require a lot of computing resources & powerful hardware to support.

In order to improve efficiency, computing and storage technologies are particularly important, and we know that the secret to successful design is “the mutual cooperation of software and hardware”.

iPROfiler is an EDA tool for this purpose. It can guarantee front-end design efficiency and is also a perfect performance tool, which can quickly analyze the efficiency of SoC chips and shorten the time to market.

【高雄智慧城市展- InnoVEX Smart South新創展區】

展覽亮點: 〔AI 影像偵測/辨識〕 &〔iProfiler效能分析工具〕

AI正在成為各種產品的核心,Microip基於FPGA提供 AI SoC IC 設計服務,目前可運用於影像偵測&辨識應用等…


iPROfiler正是為此而生的EDA Tool,它可確保前端設計效能規格,更是完美的性能追踪外掛程式,可快速分析SoC晶片效能以符合市場需求,並可加速產品上市時間。