(Special thanks to Business Today for taking the time to conduct the interview)

Differentiating itself from most Taiwanese design service companies that assist clients in wafer fabrication, Microip focuses on the front-end design services, specifically circuit design and architecture verification. Moreover, it has developed a distinctive EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool.

James Yang, CEO of Microip.

Despite the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Microip EDA tool achieved significant success in addressing industry pain points. It was adopted by Taiwan’s second-largest IC design company, effectively addressing circuit performance issues. Microip EDA tool for circuit architecture design became a “lifeline” for the leading US mobile chip manufacturer, enabling remote chip architecture design.This success not only brought fame to Microip but also resulted in securing additional critical orders. Within a short span of a year, the company’s scale doubled, reaching a revenue of approximately 100 million NT dollars.

Industry experts note that while front-end design poses significant challenges, Microip has plans to venture into the back-end, exploring additional revenue opportunities. Looking ahead, the growth prospects for Microip remain substantial.”(The above excerpt is from the interview article.)

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