Sep 13-16, 2022

SEMICON Taiwan 2022 has successfully rounded off on September 16, 2022. At the Semicon this year, Microip demonstrated the design of porting the AI solution to ASIC design for performing better and more efficiently; also showcased the “EDA performance analysis tool” to provide efficient solutions in the increasing AI market. These exclusive technologies had attracted large audiences and many professionals in the semiconductor industry to learn about them.

EDA Cloud Empower AI

Microip elaborated on the idea of “How to ensure the performance of the system-on-a-chip to meet your requirements” at the SEMICON Taiwan 2022 through our tools which ensures the AI SoC design process becomes more efficient.

FPGA Platform Design

Microip showed that programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) provide a combination of speed and power efficiency to efficiently implement the neural network (NN) inference engine required for edge AI. We also have a partnership with Efinix to deliver additional FPGA choices for our customers.