Oct 26-28, 2022

Microip participated in the 2022 Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology show and AIoT Taiwan this year to share Microip’s exclusive technologies for EDA tools and services with IC design. 

FPGA Platform Design

Microip has a partnership with Efinix to deliver an FPGA choice (Interchangeable logic element and routing element) for our customers; also if you have a specific brand of FPGA, we have Research and Development team to program the FPGA Code.

Empowering Your AI Solution

Microip had developed a unique artificial intelligence technique. After collecting graphics, we apply the technique to transform the data to the corresponding software and generate different architectures according to the software needed by our customers to produce a new IC.

SOC Effectiveness Analysis

Microip provides accurate analysis throughout the system-on-chip (SoC) design process by quickly identifying design issues under stringent conditions and enabling users to improve device performance and shorten time-to-market.