Solutions for AI SoC Designs

Micro-IP aims to provide high quality AI SoC design services, including IP design, optimization, integration, and verification. User can leverage the extensive AI SoC experience of Micro-IP.

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MicroIP Services:
ARM/RISCV with Co-Processor

ARMRISCV with Co-Processor

► DNN models in PyTorch, ONNX

   ▷ MobileNet, ResNet-18, ResNet-34

► MAC Optimizer

   ▷ Tensor optimizations, memory planning, data layout transformation

► System level performance evaluation

   ▷ TLM model + cycle-accurate ISS

   ▷ For example: ARM v8.0-A / Cache + Accelerator +

   ▷ On-chip SRAM buffer + DRAM controller + DRAM

► Profiling system characteristics

   ▷ Computation bottleneck

   ▷ Size of data communication / bandwidth requirement

   ▷ On-chip buffer sizes

   ▷ Overhead of DRAM controller

   ▷ Impact of DRAM data mapping / latency

► Prototyping on ARM/FPGA: system synthesis and code-gen

MicroIP Services:
ARM/FPGA as Reconfigurable
AI Accelerator

ARM/FPGA as Reconfigurable AI Accelerator

► An example of AI processing for image/audio applications

► Use FPGA as an AI accelerator

   ▷ Cost-efficient for low/mid volume production

   ▷ Performance/low-power advantages over CPU

► ARM facilitates user interface and software stacks

► Leverage existing IPs for image/audio processing

► MicroIP can help system design, customization, optimization, integration (SOM/SIP/ASIC)

MicroIP Services:
AI-SoC / Architecture Design Consulting

► ML application market is really diverse, and requires customization

   ▷ Application models, system specifications, performance requirements, software stacks, target platforms, etc.

► As expert of SoC design and AI, Micro-IP provides end-to-end design, exploration, and optimization

   ▷ Early evaluation of full system performance/cost (CPU + cache + DLA + DRAM)

   ▷ Prototyping of customized AI accelerator (on FPGA)

   ▷ Accelerate a trained NN on AI accelerator (on FPGA / SoC)

    – With support of audio/video processing units

   ▷ Integrate using multi-chip SIPs or SoC with eFPGA (on SoC)

► Micro-IP provides architecture consulting

   ▷ Over 20+ years of architecture/SoC design experience

   ▷ Architectures, task mapping/scheduling, system evaluation, performance tradeoffs, etc.

   ▷ Help fine-tuning, and design customization to create market differentiation

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